Dani is a consultant for small food businesses and organizations who feed people. She works with entrepreneurs to clarify dreams and goals, remove barriers and connect with resources and tools to thrive. This synthesizes lessons learned in 30+ years in food and hospitality, including both spectacular failures and fun successes.


She was founding chef on the team that created Duke University’s Divinity School cafe with a mission of social responsibility and fresh, scratch-made local food for students and the Duke community, weaving in nearby growers, producers and pioneers of sustainable food systems. Then, in nearly ten years working in residential and inpatient eating disorder treatment, Dani designed facilities and worked with clinical teams to develop and implement therapeutic culinary and garden programming.


She serves on Orange County Food Council’s Local Food Economy workgroup, and as Restaurant Ambassador for the Hillsborough/Orange County Chamber of Commerce. She has long been involved with re-entry issues facing formerly incarcerated citizens, and currently runs Piedmont Community College’s prison-based “Cook School”. She is also a certified food safety instructor because she is a geek about food safety.


Dani is enthusiastic about small food business. She knows how incredibly hard it is to make it in this field, that women face unique challenges, and also that gatherings of hard-working, creative women are a powerful force for good.