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Profits from the boxes fund a WE Power scholarship

to mentor, fund and assist women in food.

Some Like It Hot

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Take your food to the next level with this collection of locally produced spicy products. You’ll get Julz's Creations Kind of a Big Deal Hot Sauce, powered by paper lantern habaneros, jalapeño, nadapeño, and fatalii peppers. Fresh cut apples soaked in Fair Game Flying Pepper Vodka and blended with red bell pepper, red onion and habanero peppers makes Valley Brook Farms’ Fair Game Flying Habanero Pepper Jelly a delicious mouthwatering pepper jelly with a kick. Shake on some King’s Pepper to add a bold spicy flavor to your favorite dishes.This awarding winning blend is based on a centuries old West African recipe. Also included is Cottage Lane Kitchen’s newest product, Hissy Fit, a gourmet cayenne pepper vinegar based hot sauce to rival any on the market. Finally, your taste buds will definitely light up with Soulama Spice’s Aloca Sauce (this item is sold out and a replacement product of equal or greater value will be included in its place).

Profits from the boxes fund a WE Power scholarship to mentor, fund and assist women in food.

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