Meet the Makers

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Phyllis W. Haynes, Mariah's Relish

"From my Grandmother's Kitchen to Your Table". Growing up in Mississippi, chow chow was part of all meals and at every family's table. "Mariah" is a family name that has been passed down through generations; it only felt right to name this family inspired recipe something close to the heart. I consider myself an accidental entrepreneur. It began as a hobby and after six years of canning every summer to share with family & friends I was encouraged to start a business. Our traditional relishes are made fresh vegetables and no preservatives in three flavors Mild, Spicy, & Hot. A condiment with endless possibilities. I hope I can inspire you to, “Open a jar and "Relish What You Eat"! 


Annette Council, Sweet Neecy Cake Mixes

Sweet Neecy Cake Mix makes Holiday baking simple, quick, and delicious.

Create your own recipe or go to my website for more delicious recipes at Happy Baking!

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Sarah DeStefano, Celebration Time Dressing & Marinade

Celebration Time is a dressing, dip, & marinade made in small batches with fresh basil, spices, vinegar & oil that is also low in sugar & sodium. It is vegan friendly and gluten free, great for use on veggies, fruits, salads, a variety of meats, sandwiches, and breads. 

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Denise Goga, Food Cravings

Denise grew up on a farm where she learned to appreciate fresh, delicious food.  She started her business, Food Cravings, because she wanted to share her passion for authentic specialty foods.  She is proud to offer you this delicious salsa that is handmade in small batches.

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Gail Jennings, King’s Pepper

If you like spicy, you’ll love King’s Pepper.  It’s an award-winning spice blend based on a centuries old West African recipe.  There’s no salt, peanut or msg in the blend.  Try it on veggies, poultry, meat and seafood.  It’s delicious on everything from popcorn to pizza.  You’ll find yourself reaching for it often.

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Julie Singer, Julz’s Creations, LLC

Julz's Creations is a woman-owned and operated business out of Durham, North Carolina. Julz creates small batch, artisan hot sauces, pickles, and BBQ sauce utilizing North Carolina grown produce.  Her hot sauces have great heat and great flavor. Extracts are never used.


Lindsay Bisbee, Kyookz Artfully Pickled

Kyookz Artfully Pickled began in my kitchen just 5 years ago. We now sell our products in over 400 stores across the mid-Atlantic region. We are proud to be a woman-owned small business with manufacturing operations in North Carolina.

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Sumita Kumar, Plantnrgy

Give your meals a boost of nutrients with Plantnrgy - plant-based protein & superfood mixes. They are vegan, made with no more than 7 natural ingredients and packed with 10g plant protein per serving. Use it to power your smoothies, as topping for your oatmeal bowl, to make hot beverages, or make it your baking secret ingredient.

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Samantha Swan, Cottage Lane Kitchen

Cottage Lane Kitchen isn't just a business but also a homestead where

four generations of relish makers have cooked and lived. Our family has

generational ties to Chapel Hill, NC and deep love of spicy pepper

relish. We are proud of the lineage of our recipes, the quality of the

ingredients used, and the bold flavors we continue to preserve.


Kelly Minor, Yo Momma’s Style LLC

Yo Momma's Style LLC is a woman-owned business in North Carolina creating jams, rubs, cocktail mixes, green chile, and cornbread mixes. The owner, Kelly Minor, utilizes all her own recipes using the finest ingredients, no preservatives, or artificial ingredients to transform Ordinary to Extraordinary! 


Heidi Moore, Heidi’s Honey

I have been brokering local, organic and quality honeys and maple syrup to North Carolina businesses since 1994. I am driven to serve and connect my customers to the best quality honey and maple syrup sourced and sold in the

most sustainable way for the planet. My wholesale customers include bakeries, co-ops, natural grocers and producers who have the same goals of creating a sustainable future with quality products that are good for our health!  In 2020, I was privileged to launch two bottled honeys for direct consumer sales. Bee-Loved is honey on a mission!  In addition, I am giving 2% of my profits to organization that protect honeybees and other pollinators.


Blake Boyd and Margaret Gibbs, Incite Coffee Company.

Incite Coffee Company is committed to sourcing USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade coffee beans. Coffee grown without synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides is healthier for the consumer, the farmer, and the earth. Grown naturally, the coffee plant flourishes in the forest shade and benefits from a richer soil with less erosion while providing a habitat that keeps the local ecosystem thriving. Healthier plants and happier farmers grow tastier coffee.  Blake Boyd and Margaret Gibbs are moms, wives, friends, and coffee drinkers. Over many cups of coffee, and maybe a little wine, Blake and Margaret realized their common dream of empowering women and families across the coffee supply chain. They are committed to using their voices and resources to promote equality of gender in coffee producing countries while also empowering women locally. Blake and Margaret know that a great cup of coffee can incite ideas, friendships, and social change.