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Meet the Makers


Annette Council, Sweet Neecy Cake Mixes

Sweet Neecy Cake Mix makes Holiday baking simple, quick, and delicious.

Create your own recipe or go to my website for more delicious recipes at Happy Baking!


Abena Antwi, Ashanti Style LLC. 

Abena Antwi  is the Founder and CEO of Ashanti Styles LLC, the company that brings you Queen’s Jollof Sauce.  Queen’s Jollof Sauce is handcrafted to help you make authentic Jollof Rice and many other delicious meals with ease. This rich flavorful shortcut is created over hours of slow roasting tomatoes, vegetables, and herbs.

Our mission at Ashanti Styles LLC is to make African culture and experience accessible to everyone through food and an assortment of crafts. We work with Ghanaian artists and other craft makers from the diaspora to create and sell products for Fair Trade Commission. Partial proceeds are dedicated to supporting educational efforts in low funded schools in rural Ghana. 

Sarah DeStefano headshot.jpeg

Sara DeStefano, Celebration Time

Established in 2020, Celebration Time NC is based in Pittsboro, NC and sells 2 products: a Dressing, Dip, & Marinade and our Award-Winning "That's-A Spicy Pizza Sauce-A!", which is included in the WE Power Holiday gifts sets for 2022. Both are locally sourced and produced by owner Sarah DeStefano and are low in sodium and sugar, gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan friendly. The pizza sauce is also wonderful in chili, a favorite marinara, or as a dip for breads, mozzarella sticks, jalapeño poppers, and other tasty treats! 


The name Celebration Time is in honor of my late mother "BC", who encouraged us to: "Surround Yourself with People who CELEBRATE you, not tolerate you!". My hope is that you use our products and treat EVERY day as a celebration!


Kristen Gagné, KMG Foods

Kristen is the Founder of KMG Foods. Kristen was born and raised in Maine. She is a third generation American with both sides of her family hailing from Quebec. Growing up, French names for everyday items were the norm and still are for her family. She has had mémères and ma tantes, and all the delicious food she grew up enjoying! KMG Foods was inspired by her family culture and the desire to bring Franco-American dishes to the table in an easier, yet still completely delicious, way. All of her dried seasoning blends/meal mixes are gluten-free and vegan friendly. Kristen lives in Chapel Hill, NC with her husband, son, and a pending new arrival--just in time for Christmas! For more information on her, the company, and products, visit

Gail n Orange headshot.jpg

Gail Jennings, King’s Pepper

If you like spicy, you’ll love King’s Pepper.  It’s an award-winning spice blend based on a centuries old West African recipe.  There’s no salt, peanut or msg in the blend.  Try it on veggies, poultry, meat and seafood.  It’s delicious on everything from popcorn to pizza.  You’ll find yourself reaching for it often.

Julz's Creations Headshot.jpg

Julie Singer, Julz’s Creations, LLC

Julz's Creations is a woman-owned and operated business out of Durham, North Carolina. Julz creates small batch, artisan hot sauces, pickles, and BBQ sauce utilizing North Carolina grown produce.  Her hot sauces have great heat and great flavor. Extracts are never used.


Lindsay Bisbee, Kyookz Artfully Pickled

Kyookz Artfully Pickled began in my kitchen just 5 years ago. We now sell our products in over 400 stores across the mid-Atlantic region. We are proud to be a woman-owned small business with manufacturing operations in North Carolina.


Lin Johnson-Carlson, Mimi's Mountain Mixes LLC

Lin Johnson-Carlson is the Founder and President of MIMI’S MOUNTAIN MIXES, LLC and lives near Asheville, North Carolina with her husband, Gene. Lin and Gene’s new, blended family boasts 12 grandchildren - the first three of which started calling her “Mimi” over 14 years ago. The name stuck - and the rest, as they say - is history!

Mimi’s products are VEGAN. The flour, spices and herbs are NON-GMO, contain no aluminum, bleached flour, soy, Trans fat, artificial flavors, preservatives or colors.  

MIMI’S MOUNTAIN MIXES are now sold throughout the continental USA, Canada and Germany! If you’re busy (Mimi is too) you’ll want to keep Mimi’s Mountain Mixes in your pantry to enjoy will all your treasured family and friends.

skcs 2022.jpg

Samantha Swan, Cottage Lane Kitchen

Cottage Lane Kitchen isn't just a business but also a homestead where

four generations of relish makers have cooked and lived. Our family has

generational ties to Chapel Hill, NC and deep love of spicy pepper

relish. We are proud of the lineage of our recipes, the quality of the

ingredients used, and the bold flavors we continue to preserve.


Kelly Minor, Yo Momma’s Style LLC

Yo Momma's Style LLC is a woman-owned business in North Carolina creating jams, rubs, cocktail mixes, green chile, and cornbread mixes. The owner, Kelly Minor, utilizes all her own recipes using the finest ingredients, no preservatives, or artificial ingredients to transform Ordinary to Extraordinary! 

Well Seasoned.jpg

Sarah Wickers, A Well Seasoned Table

Over 200 years ago, a seed was planted on a modest plot of rich, sun kissed land in Hominy Valley, North Carolina. Since then, many more seeds were planted and a farm was born in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Beyond the many fruits, herbs, fungi and flowers that flourish in this special place, a tradition of love for all things that grow has been passed down from one generation to the next. Our family continues to celebrate this tradition through our obsession for quality, hand crafted herbs, spices, teas and infused sea salts & sugars made from our carefully wildcrafted and lovingly cultivated seasonal harvests. Our constant curiosity and exploration for new local ingredients are what inspire our quest for quality, and passion for a well-seasoned table. Share in our adventure to discover new flavors that will excite your senses, expand your palette, and inspire the culinary creations that feed your heart and soul. Fill your home with the flavors of the mountains and make yours a well-seasoned table, from our home to yours.


Ginny Johnson, Ginny-O's Cheese Straws

An 1850’s family recipe in Raleigh NC, handed down through generations, made with all-natural ingredients and baked to perfection. Ginny O’s have been featured on The Food Network, Oprah magazine, Weekend with Paula Deen, served on Air Force One, served at First Lady Laura Bush’s Luncheon, and spotlighted on WRAL’s Tarheel Traveler. These popular southern snacks are enjoyed on a variety of occasions: sporting events, host and holiday gifts, weddings and with any beverage of choice! (


Chris Carroll, Sweater Box Confections

Chris Carroll CBO, Chief Baking Officer of Sweaterbox Confections, was inspired by her grandmother to bring people together over baked goods. When Chris was a child, her grandmother would pass out sweater boxes (like shirt boxes but bigger) filled with favorite treats during the holidays. Chris started baking full-time in 2011 and has been mixing up award-winning sweet treats ever since. (

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