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Carolina Caramel

Tara O'Donnel

My participation in the WE Power Food group allows me to share my struggles with other Female producers who are going through or have gone through what I am experiencing.

Da Kine's Kava

Zoey Best

As someone who's new to the food industry, WE Power has been immeasurably helpful in providing a network of resources for me and my small business. Plus, it doesn't hurt to have a group of like-minded women to lean on and talk to about anything and everything!

Cottage Lane Kitchen

Samantha Swan

As a small business owner, I work mainly by myself and WE Power has given me a sense of community with other women food entrepreneurs. We share information, help problem solve, and lift each other up during each meeting. Any gathering with this group is time well spent as a business owner and feeds my soul as a woman.

Haw River Mushrooms

Lara Reedy Stewart

There's such an organic energy at WE Power meetings when women entrepreneurs gather to share ideas, solutions, barriers, and cheer each other on. I've felt a sense of instant camaraderie. Entrepreneurs are de facto problem solvers, so just being in a room together helps us do so much to move our businesses forward.

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